How to Fix a Slow Running Computer

Finding your computer isn’t running as though it is shiny and new? If so, then you definitely are in the right place. There are many reasons for a slow running computer, and having the proper knowledge, will definitely help you to remedy the problem.

Main Causes of a Slow Running Computer

Virus, Spyware or Malware infection

Windows Registry Problems

Severely fragments hard disk

Not enough hard drive space

The first four reasons are fairly easy to solve. To determine if you have spyware, malware or virus infection, simply scan for malware. To determine if you have a windows registry problem, then use a registry cleaner that will safely scan your computer’s registry for errors, and automatically repairs them for you. If the problem is that you need more hard disk, then you can remove temporary files and unwanted programs or flies and run a disk cleanup utility. If your problem is that your hard disk is fragmented, then you will need to defragment your computer.

Other Reasons Your Computer May Be Running Slow

When you are running too many programs at once, your computer will slow down. Close some of them to determine if that is what you are experiencing.

If you are doing tasks such as watching movies, DVD burning, editing graphics, etc. these tasks may result in a slower running computer, as the demands on the computer’s system is greater.

Corrupt or misbehaving programs. Files can become corrupt, and when they do, they will cause havoc on your computer.

Another cause may be that your computer does not have enough RAM. RAM stand for Random Access Memory and is your computer’s memory. When you are short on RAM upgrading your PCs RAM will enhance its performance.

One major cause of a slow running computer is too many unnecessary programs which automatically load when the computer starts. By disabling these computer programs, you will improve the speed of your computer.

Also, your computer may be overheating. Check the fans to see if they are functioning properly. If for some reason, they are not, it will be necessary to replace or repair the fan unit.

The technology of a computer is a science, and it is proper to have the proper information. Learning how to prevent, and diagnose a slow computer is not something that takes a rocket scientist. There are easy to learn computer fixes that will help you to get your computer in prime running condition, once again, and save you the expense of a computer technician to troubleshoot and repair the problem.

Also, you should always practice maintenance with your computer. This means giving your computer regular tune ups. PC Tune up software is one of the easiest ways to fix endless computer problems and keep your PC in top running shape. By taking the necessary preventative measures, you will keep your computer in top running speed and have fewer problems as the software will help to eliminate the many problems associated with the operation of a computer.

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